How can I integrate?

Depending on what type of affiliate you are, you have different number and flexibility of options of integration with Affbay. Naturally, API gives you the biggest flexibility in choice of methods and ways to send gathered contacts to our network.


This is the simplest and easiest method of integration. You're pretty much limited to generation of new campaigns where you can customize the set of landing pages and, where desired, pre-landing pages.


Using API integration you have the full flexibility and freedom of making the integration in your own way. Options are really unlimited, therefore we would like to present few most popular examples to give you some inspiration.

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M1 - Standard

This is a basic and the most popular integration model. You're using CDN::assets provided by Affbay (landing page, TYP) in full. Modification of the provided landing page template is usually limited to changing the token field value being replaced with your API token and filling-in the product field, if not provided (usually our templates are shared per product basis therefore come with product UUID pre-populated).

M2 - Basic Redirection

In this integration model, as per M1, you use Affbay-provided CDN::assets, however, you set up a post-checkout redirection to a custom TYP (i.e. hosted by you) via an URL provided along with form data. This model guarantees you the stability with a basic level of customization and allows you to extended level of conversion tracking, because you control where the user eventually lands after submitting the form and have the freedom of embedding Facebook Pixel, GA or other tracking methods.

M3 - Custom w\ Redirection

The most popular integration model for our intermediate partners. This solution is a fully custom landing page, a form connected directly to our API endpoint (TD;LR: meaning the form's ACTION parameter is set to Affbay's API /make/contact endpoint and METHOD is set to POST) and utilising custom TYP post-checkout redirection from M2, allowing you to not only have the flexibility on post-checkout side of the process, but also a full control and liberty of making the landing page your visitors will see completely custom and tailored to yours and your visitors specific needs.

M4 - Custom via Middle script w\ Redirection

One of the most advanced and flexible integration models imaginable. In this case, you're utilising a custom landing page, but instead of setting your form action to Affbay API endpoint, you use a man-in-the-middle script that intercepts all the data you send via landing page form and handles it accordingly to your needs, then sending required data via, e.g. cURL, to the API endpoint. Due to amount of options how your data can be processed and what data can be transferred to your script, it's impossible for us to cover even small part of options and combinations that can be used in this model.

One of the possibilities is to record some extra information about the user, store it within the form, and when submitted, extract it, maybe along with basic information like visitor's name, email and phone (so the information you'll be sending to Affbay) and store it in your database for monitoring or even re-marketing purposes, and then send to us a chosen amount of data that exceeds the minimal information we require. Remember we are storing any information you provide and you are able to view it in your dashboard.