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A natural person who has reached the age of majority, who by his actions can acquire civil rights for himself and independently implement them, as well as his ability to create civic duties for himself, to fulfill them independently and bear responsibility in case of their failure, who can fulfill the conditions of this user agreement and use the services of the site.,


Administration, Users and Visitors of the site.

The site

Is an Internet resource of CPA-network, having a domain name –, being under organizational management and belonging to the administration, under the terms of private property rights.

1. General conditions

1. This Policy determines the procedure of processing and protecting personal data of the User by the Administrator that can be received by the Administrator when the User uses the services the site provides.

2. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure proper protection of information about Users, including their personal data, from unauthorized access and disclosure.

3. Relations related to the collection, storage, dissemination and protection of information provided by the User are regulated by this Policy and the current legislation of Kingdom of Thailand. The administrator of the site pays special attention to data protection. Data processing by the site administrator is carried out according to the relevant norms of the current legislation of Kingdom of Thailand on data protection, as well as in accordance with this Policy.

4. By using the Site the User makes his full consent with the conditions of this Policy.

5. In case of disagreement with conditions of this document (partially or fully) the person that expresses such a will doesn't have a right to use its services.

2. Purposes of collecting, processing and storaging information provided by the Users of the site

1. Processing personal data of the User is carried out in accordance with the law of the Kingdom of Thailand. The processing of personal data of the User is carried out by the Administrator in order to:

- identificate the User within the framework of the relationship between the Administrator and the User;

- provide the range of services available on the site to the User by the Administrator

- conducting statistical and other researches on the base of impersonal data.

The processing of personal data of the User is carried out in accordance with the legislation of Kingdom of Thailand.

3. Conditions of processing the personal information provided by the User and its transferring to the third parties

1. Administrator takes all the necessary steps for protecting personal data of the User from its illegal access, changes, disclosure and destruction.

2. Administrator gives an access to personal data of the User only to a circle of persons, for whom this information is necessary to provide functioning of the Site and with a purpose to provide Services for User.

3. Administrator has the right to use information given to the User including personal data with a purpose to follow the requirements of the actual law of Thailand (and also for warning and/or suppression of illegal and/or actions against law of the Users. Disclosure of information provided by the User can be done only in accordance with actual law of Kingdom of Thailand on demand of the court as well as in other cases predicted by the law.

4. Conditions of using the Site

User when using the Site confirms that:

1. He has all the necessary rights that allow him to gain civil rights for himself and independently realize them and also the ability to create civil duties with his actions, perform them independently and take responsibility in case of their non performing;

2. He gives reliable information about himself in volume that is necessary to use the Services of the Site the Site; fields that are necessary for filling in for further providing of the Site Services are marked in special way – with symbol «*», all other information is given by the User at his own discretion.

3. Recognizes that the information on the Site placed by the User about himself can become accessible to third parties in cases established by the Policy and actual legislation of Kingdom of Thailand;

4. He is acquainted with conditions of this Policy, agrees with it and takes rights and duties that are pointed out there. Acquaintance with terms of this Policy and putting a check mark under the link for this Policy is a written consent of User for collecting, processing and transferring personal data given by the User to third parties.

5. Administration doesn’t check the authenticity of received (collected) information about the Users with the exception of cases when such a control is necessary in order to perform obligations to the user and in other cases non provided by the terms of the Policy but regulated by the legislation of Kingdom of Thailand.

5. In frames of this Policy «personal data of the User» is understood as:

1. Data given by the User independently during the process of using the Site includes but isn’t limited to: name, surname, contact number and/or address of electronic mail, IP address, MAC-address and others.

2. Data automatically transferred to the site in process of its using with help of software established on device, including IP-address, information from cookies, information about user's browser (or other program with help of which access to the site is carried out), time of access, address of requested page.

3. Other information about User, collecting and/or providing of which is defined by the conditions and terms of use of this site.

6. Changing and deleting of personal data

1. User may in every moment change (renew, complete) given personal information and her part and also options of her confidentiality directing this information to electronic mail of Administrator.

7. Changes of Confidentiality Policy. Applicable legislation

1. Administration has the right to make changes of this Policy of protection of User’s personal data. When making changes in actual edition the date of last renewal is given. New edition of Policy enters into force from the moment of its publication on the site if other is not provided in the new edition of the Policy. Current edition of the Policy of protection of User’s personal data is on the site:

2. This Policy and relations between User and Administrator that occur due to use of Policy of confidentiality are a subject to legislation of Kingdom of Thailand.

8. Contact data

1. All the suggestions and questions about this Policy should be reported to the appropriate adres of electronic mail: